What’s my Why?

Making plans indeed. Why do they never go the way you imagine?! Here we are two years down the line and so much has changed. More about that in later posts I think! But back to my why?…

When I turned fifty I started a list of things I’d like to do, places I’d like to visit, etc. Kind of like a bucket list but I’d been thinking more along the lines of 60 things to do before I hit 60. It seemed like a good idea until I wondered what I’d do afterwards. A list of 70 things to do before 70 seemed ill advised and likely to kill me! I decided to do some research for a better title, thinking of finding something catchy for the blog post really, nothing more. I hated the idea of a bucket list (which seems quite morbid) and was hoping for a title that was a bit more positive and optimistic when I stumbled upon this post on David Cain’s blog, Raptitude. It’s a brilliant article and I’d recommend it if you’re exploring creating your own ‘list’ but as I read it I realised that for me, I’d gone about the whole thing the wrong way.

David talks about the ‘two keys’ to a successful bucket list being intentionality (a list of intentions, not just events) and integrity (things that have real, significant meaning for you). I realised that much of what I’d created was a list of wishes, things I could ‘brag’ about on social media, many of which were unconnected to the purpose and direction that I was trying to bring back into my life. In essence, I needed to rethink my list and move it from ‘what’ I was hoping to do and give more thought about ‘why’ I wanted to do it.

For me, one of my key intentions is that of ‘growth’ and I realised that with growth, comes change. Good change hopefully, but change nonetheless. Would it even be possible to write a single list and keep it’s intentionality and integrity if I was growing and changing as a result of my experiences? Would I need to reflect on and amend my intentions as a result and if I did, then surely my list would need to change to reflect this?

So, having thought I was good-to-go with my list, I need to take some time to rethink it, to make it more meaningful and therefore hopefully more successful. I’ve realised I need to be more thoughtful about what my intentions are and create a list that reflects this and allows me to achieve them. I also think it means that my list needs to be fluid, that I can plan a list of things I want to do, but that the process of experiencing them may influence or change how I continue to go about moving towards achieving my intentions. It may make my journey more of a slow meander rather than a direct flight, but that’s OK. It’s not just the destination that’s important after all.

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