Who am I?

So, who am I? Not sure why I thought this would be a good place to start my first foray into blogging. You’d think as a psychologist I would know better… but maybe if I wasn’t a psychologist it would be an easier question to answer 🙂

In concrete terms I’m a fifty-something mother of two young teens, your average woman juggling a home and a career. The shock of hitting my mid-century a couple of years ago made me stop and reflect on what my life was and where it was heading. The previous several years had been busy and messy and like many, I think I lost a bit of myself along the way. I realised that I had been so caught up in playing my roles at home (a mother and a daughter) and at work (a psychologist), that I had lost sight of who I was beyond those things. I hadn’t had the time, energy or money to invest in me and I knew I needed to change that.

Many would call this a mid-life crisis, but for me a better description would be a mid-life clarity. I remembered that I was once more than my career and more than my family. I was a person with thoughts and interests and I’d lost that along the way. I’m not trying to reinvent myself, I’m trying to remind myself who I was… who I am.

I guess this blog is a kind of accountability journal. A way to document my journey. So if I’ve interested you or if you’re facing similar things, then please come along for the ride. All company gratefully received 🙂

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